HID Headlight

Difference of AC and DC HID

Difference of AC and DC HID


1)They have 4pcs MOSFET.

2)Start Current 6A,when start working will be a little sound,will be dispeared very soon.

3)Input by Direct Current,Output by Alternating Current.

4)Usually warranty 14-18months.

5)Match with AC hid bulbs

6)They've 5proections and functions:High Voltage,Low Voltage,Opposite Direction,Short-circuit,Open-circuit etc protections and EMI function


1)No any MOSFET,circuit control much simple.

2)No any sound when start working.

3)Need DC hid bulbs.

4)HID Bulbs much shorter lifespan.

5)No most proection functions

6)Start current:8A

AC HID Bulbs+DC Ballasts:lighting flashing

DC HID Bulbs+AC Ballasts:Short lifespan

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