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Differences of D/T and T/T Thermal Printing?


1)D/T:means Direct Thermal

2)T/T:means Thermal Transfer,also can be Direct Thermal

2.Printing supplies:

1)Ribbon:T/T with but D/T without.

2)Paper:T/T:Coated paper,PVC paper,PET paper:Price tag,Asset label,Document label,Delivery service label,Package label,Clothes tag,Thermal paper etc;D/T:Thermal paper only.

3.Retention time:

T/T usually several years no problem.

D/T usually for several month


1)T/T:Healthcare,Retail,Hospitality,Manufacturing,Logistics & Warehousing,Exhibition & Event,Leisure,Fixed Assets Industry.

2)D/T:Specially used for electronic scales, cash registers, Traffic police and other government departments print tickets, logistics,Post, retail,Supermarket etc.

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