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About Xenon headlamps

About Xenon headlamps

Xenon headlamps first appeared in 1991, the BMW 7 series, 1995 European regulations approved the use of this lamp, the xenon lamp was used for high-end models. Because of its cost is higher than the halogen, the beginning is only used in high-level cars, but with the development of technology and materials, production costs, Xenon Lights gradually into the Volkswagen models.

Xenon lamps have been defined as: more efficient solutions based on halogen lamps, mainly because of their higher color temperature and their greater brightness. Xenon headlamps require less power consumption and better lighting than conventional halogen bulbs, and longer lamp life. Such as a 35W xenon lamp, can be issued 55W halogen lamp more than 3 times the light, greatly improving the luminous efficiency. In addition, its life is twice the halogen bulb, the general life expectancy of about 3000 hours or more.

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