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What brand of chip is good for car light?

What brand of chip is good for car light?

Each chip has the advantage, this specific should be selected according to their own situation, for example, the current white light chip and lamp beads are the first US CREE, but they are sold in the form of finished lamp beads. Price is very high, the cheapest genuine LED Headlights bead, usually More than 10CNY/Pcs, is a high-end brand with good performance for car light.

Then it’s US Bridgelux.The Korean brand Samsung Lamps is currently a cost-effective product. Chinese brands, such as Taiwan's Epistar and Epileds, are among the best products in the low-end and mid-range. They are suitable for the low-end and mid-end markets, and domestic brands such as Sanan. It is the mainstream product of the current low-end market, and the price is cheap with average performance.

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