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Use the car lights correctly

Car lights, including traffic lights, low beam, high beam, fog lights, turn lights, reversing lights etc. For your and others’ safety, please follow the instructions below to use the lights correctly:

1.Driving lights: generally in the dark weather day or in the underground parking lot and other dark places, should light up this light.

2.Low light: used in urban traffic at night

3.Highlights: in the wilderness or no street lighting on the road is more suitable for the use of high beam, but remember to be when the car should be back to the low beam, so as not to cause the other driver dazzled.

4.Turn signal: The most basic use of turning lights is to give other vehicles and passers-by turn the signal when the car turns to remind others to pay attention. Sometimes the turn signal can also act as a lighting in a narrow place, so that the driver can observe the obstacles on both sides. Both sides of the turn signal at the same time open the warning and play wide role.

5.Fog lights: lights used in foggy weather

6.Reversing lights: reversing the rear of the car when there will be a white turn on the lights, on the one hand can illuminate the rear of the road, obstacles, to reduce the blind when reversing, on the other hand is the rear pedestrian reminder.

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