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What is the meaning of HID's light decay and color decay?

What is the meaning of HID's light decay and color decay?

First of all, we must first define two concepts: lumens and color temperature.

Lumens is a unit of luminous flux, a point source with a luminous intensity of 1 candela (cd), and the luminous flux emitted in a unit solid angle (1 steradian) is "1 lumen", the abbreviation (lm). The popular saying is: 1 The luminous flux of an international candlelight on a plane with a distance of 1 cm and an area of 1 cm 2 is 1 lumen.

Color temperature: It is the scale indicating the light color of the light source. The unit is K (Kelvin). The light that is usually seen by the human eye is composed of the spectrum of seven kinds of color light. But some of them are blue and some are reddish. Color temperature is a method used to measure and calculate the color components of light.

The concept of lumens and color temperature is clarified, and it is very easy to understand light decay and color decay.

Light decay refers to the decrease in luminous efficiency after a period of use of a Xenon lamp, and the decrease in brightness mainly refers to luminous flux, that is, lumens. So simply speaking, light decay refers to the number of beams, regardless of the color of the light.

Color fading refers to the fact that after the Xenon lamp has been used for a period of time, the K value decreases and the color changes. Even if the white light is often turned into yellow light, this means that the K value of the color temperature is changed from 6000K to 4300K.

Light decay and color decay are normal phenomena in xenon lamps, but light decay and color decay are not normal within a short period of time, mainly depending on the bulb process and materials.And High-brightness HID bulb that can withstand long-term testing, no color difference, and long-lasting brightness.

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