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Why fast start HID Xenon headlamp start up bright and then slowly dimmed

The fast start HID Xenon headlamp was recognized by the majority of consumers in 2011. There is no delay in starting the halogen lamp, but HID xenon lamp requires it to be such a delayed start-up process because activation of xenon gas requires a process, xenon lamp It takes 3-5 seconds to reach full brightness.

Most of the current Xenon headlamp are designed to achieve quick start by changing the start-up current, so they will encounter a lot of cars that cannot start the headlight properly. There is also a problem that the Xenon lamp is very bright when it is started. Will darken.

Because the start-up current of the fast-start xenon headlamp is very large, the brightness of the xenon lamp will be very high, and then the current will begin to fall to the normal range, and the xenon lamp will gradually darken. This is a normal phenomenon.

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