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Why high-end cars Xenon lamps must need Canbus hid ballasts?

Why high-end cars Xenon lamps must need Canbus HID Ballasts?

In fact, this involves a problem called an electronic control system.Everyone knows that there are more and more electronic devices in today's vehicles, such as electronic fuel injection devices, ABS devices, airbag devices, electric windows and doors, active suspensions, and so on.

At the same time, various sensors distributed throughout the vehicle body monitor the status information of the vehicle in real time and send this information to the corresponding control unit. This is the electronic control system. The more advanced the car, the more control units on the body. Each control unit can be viewed as a separate computer that can receive information, process and analyze various information, and then issue an instruction. For example, the engine control unit will receive information from the intake pressure sensor, the engine temperature sensor, the accelerator pedal position sensor, the engine speed sensor, etc., after analysis and processing, will send corresponding instructions to control the fuel injection amount of the injector, Ignition advance angle, etc., other control units work similarly.With Canbus hid ballasts,These can keep the same agreement with the original car, and does not burn the car and other faults.

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