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How to install hid conversion kits?

How to install HID conversion kits?

1, Wait engine completely cooled, cut off the light group power, open the car hood.

2, Remove the headlamps connectors, waterproof rubber hood and old light bulbs.
3, Carefully check the hid conversion kits, the xenon bulb installed in the headlamp lamp holder and fixed, to prevent the HID bulb lampholder deformation
4, Fixed the right position of hid Ballasts.
5, Connect the hid bulbs and hid ballasts.
6, Check all the hid conversion kits installation steps to confirm the positive and negative is correct after the launch of the vehicle.
7, Turn on the power to light up.
8. Check the height, distance and light of the light beam emitted by the light source and make adjustments to comply with local traffic regulations.

9, Close the hood.

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