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Why Hottest xenon bulbs Color Temp are 4300K and 6000K?

Why Hottest Xenon bulbs Color Temp are 4300K and 6000K?

The market of xenon bulbs from 3000K-30000K, why our professional lighting modification shop, with the xenon lamp with 4300K and a small part of the 6000K color temperature bulb it? In this first to correct some of the owners view, car xenon bulbs , The higher the color temperature is better, because the better the color temperature penetration is worse, because the higher the color temperature, the worse the penetration of lighting, the shorter the lighting effect; mainly from two aspects to consider. One is based on the owner of the weather; the other is based on the owner's preferences.

First from the owner of the weather to consider. If the owner of the location of more foggy days, dust storms or rainy weather which seriously affect the sight of the weather, then it is recommended that owners choose 4300K color temperature xenon lamp, because the 4300K better than 6000K penetration, so that the owner in the bad See the weather more clearly, for their own safety to add a sub-protection.

And then from the owner's preferences to consider. We first come to understand the concept of color temperature, color temperature is a pure black object, has been heating, the object's color will be in order from the black, crimson, light red, yellow, white, blue changes. Optically represented by K. In order to easily remember, you can understand the color temperature as the color of light and sunlight color contrast, in the sunny sun direct light color temperature is about 5500K ~ 6500K. And lower than the sun color temperature of light, we call it warm color temperature; close to or higher than the sun color temperature light, we call it cool color temperature. For example, some owners at home like to develop the warm yellow light bulb, because the warm color gives a comfortable, soft, safe feeling.

Therefore, the family, high-end restaurant, the hotel will use warm color lighting. And some owners are like to develop white light of the cool color of the light bulb, because most of the time the sun is under the irradiation of life, and 6000K cold color temperature gives the visual feeling is close to the sun, will make people more adaptable.

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