HID Headlight

Xenon hid advantage

Xenon HID advantage

1) Xenon hid High brightness

HID lamp brightness is the naked eye can not look directly, because it is the brightness of traditional halogen 3 times, not only according to the more bright, but also more widely, so that the day clear vision in the night to reproduce the light.

2) Xenon hid long life
Xenon Lights life of up to 3200 hours or more, almost 10 times the traditional halogen lamp, because no longer use the traditional halogen lamp in the most easy to wear tungsten, so the overall life has been greatly improved, beyond the general vehicle night driving Total hours.

3) Strong power
HID car lights only 35W of electricity, power consumption is only 50% of traditional halogen lamps (the traditional halogen lamp 55 ~ 65W), greatly reduce the burden on the vehicle power system, to provide more power to the car on other power systems , So that the overall use of electricity more perfect. No longer have to go up the mountain not open air, open air does not open sound, and less power = less fuel consumption = less environmental pollution.

4) More safety:
HID lights are very close to noon sunshine white light, is your eyes line of sight the most acceptable light color, so that your spirit is more concentrated, to bring you an unprecedented driving comfort. Regardless of night or rain and fog in the traffic, any dangerous obstacles absolutely escape your eyes. HID lamps are made of cutting-edge technology, and its safety and brightness will meet your requirements.

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