HID Xenon Kit

  • Wholesale 35W AC Canbus Ballast HID Kit H7
Wholesale 35W AC Canbus Ballast HID Kit H7

Wholesale 35W AC Canbus Ballast HID Kit H7

  • Model:H7 35W xenon conversion kit
  • Warranty:18months
  • Input Voltage:8.5-16V
  • Working Current:6.5A
  • Product description: Wholesale 35W AC Canbus Ballast HID Kit H7 is from CDHlighting which is a Professional Xenon HID Headlight,HID Projector and LED Headlight supplier and exporter in china!

Wholesale 35W AC Canbus Ballast HID Kit H7

The main componet of HID ballast was made important brands(such as IR.ST).Circuit is controlled by CPU and is designed individually with the part of low voltage and high voltage.Stable performance.

It has functions of low voltage protection,high voltage protection,short-circuit protection,negative direction protection etc.


1)Box Size:
10Kits /CTN
4)CTN Size: 38x34x46cm
5)20'FCL 4500Kits(450CTNS)
6)40'FCL 9000Kits(900CTNS)

2. H7 advantage:

1)Over / low-current protection
2)Voltage output overload / low protection
3)Thunder resistance
4)High safety
5)Short-circuit protection: Auto protect 0.5 second after short-circuit
6)Open protection: Auto protect 0.5 second after open-circuit
7)High voltage protection :more than 16.5V close,less than 16V open
8)Low voltage protection:less then 6.5V close ,more than 8.5V open
9)Reverse Protection:Auto Protect in 1second after Reverse connection

3. Specification:

1)Headlight Type:
High Beam
2)With Angel Eyes: No
3)Input voltage range: 8.5V~16V
4)Rated voltage: 12.5V
5)Cold light up current: 5.4A
6)Hot light up current: 3.6A
7)Max. start voltage: 23kV
8)Input current: 3.3A
9)Output power: 35W
10)Working temperature: -40~ 105°C
11)Lifetime 50,000H
12)Scope of application 92% Cars
13)Defect Rate Less than 2%

4.H7 submitted to tests as below:

1) 2-3hours continuous working aging test.

2) Connection circuit protection test.

3) Lack of voltage protection test.

4) Over voltage protection test.

5) Flash light concussion test.

6) Quakeproof capability test.

7) Cold & warm boot test.

8)Polarity protection test.

9)Short circuit protection test.

5.Fit Most hid bulbs:

1)H Series(Single Bulbs)

H1,H3,H4,H7,H8/H9/H11,H10,H13,H15,H16/5202 etc

2)900 Series

9003/H4 ,9004/9007,9005/HB3,9006/HB4 etc

3)A HID and A Halogen

H4-2,H13-2,9004/9007-2 etc

4)Bi-xeon bulbs(With wire relays)

H4-3/H4 H/L, H13-3/H13 H/L, 9004/9007 H/L etc


If special cars need to buy more wires,decoder or bulbs' holder etc.

Pls don't hesitate to call us if any inquiry.Thank you!

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